Billie Eilish’s third studio album, Hit Me Hard and Soft, has arrived. With the “Lunch” singer slated to hit the road in support of it, fans are combing through its lyrics for Easter eggs.

For songs like “Skinny,” the meaning is quite easy to breakdown. But the record “L’Amour De Ma Vie” isn’t as simple. However, others have already decoded the track and took to their preferred social media platforms to praise the Academy Award winner for her clever use of a double entendre. So, what exactly does it mean?

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What Does Billie Eilish’s ‘L’Amour De Ma Vie’ Lyric Mean?

In order to fully understand the concept of the track, you must start with its title. The translation of l’amour de ma vie from French to English roughly means the love of my life. So, by that, you can safely assume that Eilish will provide listeners a deeply personal account of the ever so evasive emotion.

This is validated in the opening stanza: “I wish you the best for the rest of your life / Felt sorry for you when I looked in your eyes / But I need to confess, I told you a lie / I said you / You were the love of my life.”

But as Eilish continues her tale, the song isn’t about just love but the gutting effects of heartbreak.

“Thought I was depressed or losing my mind / My stomach upset almost all of the time / But after I left, it was obvious why / Because for you, you / I was the love of your life / But you were not mine / It isn’t asking for a lot for an apology / For making me feel like it’d kill you if I tried to leave / You said you’d never fall in love again because of me / Then you moved on, then you moved on,” sings Eilish.

It wouldn’t be an Eilish track if it didn’t contain elements of gloom. So, there you have it “L’Amour De Ma Vie” is a poetic song titled in the language of love and written about the ups and downs of it, but will leave you heartbroken.

As for the identity of the ex-partner Eilish is referring to, that’s a mystery for another day. However, fans online have begun to speculate that the track could be a subtle jab at Jesse Rutherford.

Listen to the full track below.

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