It appears inflation, rising housing costs, and more hasn’t had an impact Paul McCartney’s financial footing. While those around the globe witness their dollars shrinking, The Beatles’ former bassist has crossed a major money milestone.

According to The Sunday Times, the “I’ve Got A Feeling” musician is officially a billionaire. Entertainers induction into the top 1 percent club is quite common in the US. Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and Rihanna, are just a few of the singers to reportedly cross the billion dollar network threshold. But the outlet revealed that this is the first time a UK musician has accomplished this feat.

In 2023, McCartney’s net worth was estimated at £950 million (which is equivalent to roughly $1,203,126). However, over the last year, McCartney’s lucrative tour dates supposedly earned him an additional £50 million. Of the 350 sum odd entries, McCartney landed at 291 (up from 2023’s 309 placement).

Other musicians featured on 2024 Rich List include The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, as well as Elton John. Elton John holds down the 291st slot with a reported network of £470m, which supposed jumped £20 million from 2023 (when he landed at 309). In the 315th spot, Jagger’s net worth is estimated at £415 million. Richards follows at 319 with the same net worth.

The ‘Billionaire Beatle’ sort of has a ring to it.