Dani Friel’s riff-monster noise-pop power trio Upper Wilds just announced their new Venus album, featuring 10 numbered “love songs.” If you heard “Love Song #2,” you know it cranks. So does Upper Wilds’ new one, which sidesteps the album rollout for a moment.

Today is the final Bandcamp Friday, the monthly underground music holiday on which the online retailer Bandcamp waives its share of sales. To mark the occasion, Upper Wilds have released a cover of “Hole In The Sky,” the opening track from Black Sabbath’s 1975 album Sabotage. The track is an honest-to-God standard at this point; more than a dozen cover versions have been released by artists including Pantera, Machine Head, and Coffin Break. Upper Wilds inject the material with their eardrum-blasting harmonic power — and because it was recorded as part of an Aqua Lamb Records cover series featuring esoteric merch, there’s an option to order it with limited edition “Hole In The Sky” duct tape.

Listen (and purchase duct tape) below.