Here is the most played song live off every Slipknot album.

No one is likely surprised Slipknot plays songs from their 1999 self-titled debut more often than any other album. Common sense says the oldest of the band’s seven albums should have the most appearances on the setlists for their live shows.

What is surprising, however, is how much more often Slipknot have dipped into their debut album compared to any other release.

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We recently used to find the songs Slipknot plays the most often from each album. Songs from Slipknot have appeared on the band’s setlists 6,668 times through the years. The next closes album is Iowa with 3,421 appearances. (As of April 25, 2024).

Here is a breakdown of the most played song live from every Slipknot album.

Most Played Song Live Off Every Slipknot Album

With the help of, we went through setlists from Slipknot shows through the years to see which songs they’ve played the most off of each album.

Not surprising, they have played songs from their self-titled debut more often than any other release.

Here’s the most-played track from each of Slipknot’s seven albums (last updated April 25, 2024).

Gallery Credit: Rob Carroll

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