It’s a big day for new records from the hardcore world. Every Friday is a big day for records from the hardcore world these days, but you know what I mean. The Hattiesburg, Mississippi synth-punk freaks MSPAINT, a recent-vintage Stereogum Band To Watch, just came out with their full-length debut Post-American, and it goes hard. Meanwhile, Texan titans Judiciary have followed up 2019’s beastly Surface Noise with a new LP that’s just as bloodthirsty. Those two albums couldn’t be more different, but both of them have serious juice.

Judiciary’s whole sound has always leaned on hardcore’s metallic edge, and their new album Surface + Noise pushes even further in that direction. This one goes for epic thrash riffage, and the band recorded it with former Power Trip producer Arthur Rizk, who knows how to help a band like that achieve glory. There’s a whole lot of shredding on Flesh + Blood, and the breakdowns are just masterfully violent. This album is top-shelf gorilla music, and it makes me want to do bad things.

We’ve already posted the early tracks “Engulfed,” “Paradigm Piercer,” and “Knife In The Dirt,” but all of Flesh + Blood demands your attention. (I especially like how the album starts with songs called “Flesh” and “Blood.”) Stream the album below.

Flesh + Blood is out now on Closed Casket Activities.