Though Margaret Glaspy wrote “My Body My Choice” two years ago, it is of course an unfortunately resonant time for her to release it now. After the Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade, Glaspy was, like many of us, appalled. She decided to finally release the song “My Body My Choice,” with a portion of its proceeds going to the Brigid Alliance.

On Twitter, Glaspy shared some thoughts about the song:

This is a song of protest. Taking away resources from people who need abortions leaves them with unsafe alternatives, & no one should be forced to experience that. It is absolutely necessary for any person who can give birth to consent to their own pregnancy.

Because of the supreme court’s decision, minority women, majority women, transgender people, non binary people – of all backgrounds are left even more vulnerable. This song is a reminder of what our rights are and should be. It’s your body, so it should be your choice.

A portion of the proceeds from today’s single will go towards Brigid Alliance, a referral-based service that provides travel, food, lodging, child care & other support for people seeking abortions. You can also support them by donating through my posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Listen below.

On 8/7, Glaspy will also headline a show at Baby’s All Right, playing alongside Katy Kirby and Lola Kirke. There will also be DJ sets from Adi Oasis and Sadie Dupuis, as well as a secret guest performance. All proceeds from that night will also benefit the Brigid Alliance. You can get tickets here.