Earlier this week, Billie Eilish put her fans (and “close friends“) out of their misery and finally announced her next album, Hit Me Hard And Soft, will be released on May 17. Eilish confirmed she’s “not doing singles” during this album cycle, but she did play “like 14 seconds” of an unreleased song snippet for Apple Music’s Zane Lowe on Friday, April 12.

Elsewhere in her interview with Lowe, Eilish explained that “it’s definitely weird” to not have a single to promote ahead of this album’s release because she’s never not released a single ahead of an album, even though she “hate[s] singles.”

Maybe Eilish will scratch the itch to tease Hit Me Hard And Soft in a more roundabout way at Coachella 2024 this weekend — perhaps even with Lana Del Rey?

Will Billie Eilish Perform With Lana Del Rey At Coachella 2024?

The fans are convinced that Eilish will join Del Rey for Del Rey’s headlining set at Coachella 2024 on Friday night, April 12. We must note here that speculation is just speculation, and nothing is confirmed, but there appears to be some evidence that an Eilish cameo is at least a strong possibility.

The X (formerly Twitter) account LDR Crave posted photos of Eilish on stage and wrote, “A little glimpse of Lana Del Rey’s stage for Coachella [eyeballs emoji] seems like Billie Eilish was also seen on Lana’s stage when she was sound-checking yesterday [eyeballs emoji].”

LDR Crave also reposted two other fan accounts claiming that “a worker just told us [Lana is] bringing out Billie” and “SECURITY GUARD JUST CONFIRMED LANA’S BRINGING BILLIE OUT.”

Meanwhile, Eilish posted a pretty photo of the blue sky and palm trees alongside two brown eyeball emojis to her Instagram Story late Friday afternoon, April 12.

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