Vundabar’s new album Devil For The Fire was supposed to come out a few weeks ago, but it has been delayed and is now being released on April 15. Bad news! Good news is that we’re getting a new single today, “Lore,” which joins the previously shared “Aphasia,” “Ringing Bell,” and the title track. Here’s Brandon Hagen on their new track:

a walk through a bending mind. It’s about the lineage of meaning, about how all these invisible threads of history, construct and memory (personal and collective) permeate everything around us and in many ways eclipse and obscure the moment. So much of life is made opaque by residuals of the past, so much of our thought exceeds our ability to understand a complicated and evermore complicating world and a history we live in but do not remember. Yet the brain stores that history and writes it into our DNA. It dictates the formation of our reality in ways that exceed our ability to consciously understand it. The song wonders where the line is drawn between the self and the world of ghosts that we navigate, it wonders how much of oneself is a mosaic of the past and how many of those disparate pieces can be placed to form a new image in the eye of the beholder.

Listen below.

Devil For The Fire is now out on 4/15 via Amuse. Pre-order it here.