Vagabon recently announced her new album Sorry I Haven’t Called, the highly anticipated follow-up to her 2019 self-titled debut. She shared the single, “Can I Talk My Sh*t,” which came after the January release of the track “Carpenter.” Now, she’s back with “Do Your Worst.”

“I was nestled in the German countryside when Teo Halm, who co-produced this with me, and I were experimenting in my home studio late into the night, I was listening to a lot of club music and I set out to make an instrumental that drew from the music you’d hear at an underground club in Germany or the UK yet still lived in the Vagabon musical lexicon,” Vagabon — née Lætitia Tamko — said in a statement. “A year later, when I returned to the US, I got Rostam involved and he had a great idea of adding a layer of live drums on top of the breakbeat from my Germany session.”

The club influence is palpable in the skittish, dreamlike track, which contrasts the patient song “Can I Talk My Sh*t” interestingly, proving the eclectic nature of Sorry I Haven’t Called.

Listen to “Do Your Worst” above.

Sorry I Haven’t Called is out 9/15 via Nonesuch. Find more information here.