For a while now, Nashville duo Twen have just been dropping singles with no indication of an album on the horizon. We heard “HaHaHome” back in December, then “Bore U” in February and “Dignitary Life” in March. Today, they’re back with another one, along with the sudden news of an album called One Stop Shop.

One Stop Shop is the long-awaited sophomore outing from Jane Fitzsimmons and Ian Jones. It’s out in July. Along with the official announcement, Twen are back with “Feeling In Love (From The Waist Down).” They’ve billed it as the final single from One Stop Shop.

Check it out below.

01 “One Stop Shop (For A Fading Revolution)”
02 “HaHaHome”
03 “Dignitary Life”
04 “Automation”
05 “Fortune 500”
06 “Feeling In Love (From The Waist Down)”
07 “Long Throat”
08 “Sweet Dreams (In The Parking Lot)”
09 “Brooklyn Bridge”
10 “Bore U”

One Stop Shop is out 7/22. Pre-order it here.