The Dream Syndicate returned in 2017 with their first new album in nearly 30 years, How Did I Find Myself Here?, and the band has been consistently putting out new material since then. Their last full-length, The Universe Inside, was released in 2020, and today the Paisley Underground staples have announced their next album, which is called Ultraviolet Battle Hymns And True Confessions and will be out in June. They’re also sharing lead single “Where I’ll Stand.”

“It feels like an attempt — via the lyrics and the circular chord progression — to impose some kind of order and logic on a world that was severely lacking in both respects at the time,” the band’s Steve Wynn said in a statement.

Listen below.

01 “Where I’ll Stand”
02 “Damian”
03 “Beyond Control”
04 “The Chronicles Of You”
05 “Hard To Say Goodbye”
06 “Every Time You Come Around”
07 “Trying To Get Over
08 “Lesson Number One”
09 “My Lazy Mind”
10 “Straight Lines”

Ultraviolet Battle Hymns And True Confessions is out 6/10 via Fire Records.