The New York rapper Your Old Droog works a lot. In the first few months of 2022, Droog released two full-length projects: Tha Wolf On Wall St 2: The American Dream, a team-up with longtime collaborator Tha God Fahim, and YOD Wave, which was produced entirely by Montreal’s Nicholas Craven. For Droog, that’s not even a particularly busy stretch; he’s been doing it like that for years. Today, Droog has once again released another record, and it’s up to his regular standards.

The new seven-song EP YOD Stewart doesn’t really have a uniting concept, the way some Droog records do, but that cover art is great. I love the idea that Droog is naming a bunch of records after celebrities named Rod, and I look forward to YOD Serling, YOD Carew, YOD Steiger, YOD Blagojevich, Rowdy YODdy Piper, and Inanimate Carbon YOD.

YOD Stewart doesn’t have any guest appearances; it’s just Droog doing his usual intricately stacked-up punchlines, motivational work-hard talk, and life-story reminisces without help. Producers like Conductor Williams, Nicholas Craven, and Tha God Fahim supply beats. We’ve posted the single “Mind Your Business,” and now you can hear the rest of the EP below.

The YOD Stewart EP is out now on Nature Sounds.