It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Martha, but today they’re back with news of a limited 7″ release due out in a month. It comes with a new song called “Please Don’t Take Me Back,” and a b-side featuring a cover of Allo Darlin’s “My Heart Is A Drummer.” Today, we get to hear “Please Don’t Take Me Back.”

A press release describes the song as “refusing to let rose-tinted glasses distort your visions of the past.” “The past was absolutely terrible,” the band said in a statement. “Don’t get us wrong, the present is also absolutely terrible, but that almost instantly becomes the past anyway, so we can quickly file it under ‘the past.’ The really good news is that the future appears to have been totally cancelled by the loathsome politicians, oligarchs and CEOs hell bent on destroying the planet and all life on it, so we probably won’t have to put up with this garbage for much longer anyway. Please don’t take me back.”

As for the cover of “My Heart Is A Drummer,” the band have a lot of history with that song and Allo Darlin. As they put it: “Martha played our first London show supporting Allo Darlin in 2012 and we love them. We performed this cover at Indietracks (RIP) in 2019, and we also played it on the piano stage at End Of The Road that year and some professional looking people seemed to be filming it, but they never put that footage online, so we wanted to record it for posterity.”

For now, you can check out “Please Don’t Take Me Back” and its accompanying video, directed by Sonny Malhotra.

Martha’s limited “Please Don’t Take Me Back” 7″ is out 6/24 via Specialist Subject.