The Philadelphia experimental shoegaze band They Are Gutting A Body Of Water already delivered one of the year’s best EPs in their split with A Country Western. Today they’re back with a beautiful and fascinating new LP. TAGABOW’s latest is called Lucky Styles, though on Bandcamp and streaming services it’s simply listed as s.

On Lucky Styles, TAGABOW remain one of the most unique and compelling bands in underground music. They continue to blend classic shoegaze sounds with a zonked electro-organic psych that reminds me of fellow Philadelphians Spirit Of The Beehive. Crushing torrents of distorted guitar come ripping through the introductory band theme song “tagabow (intro),” while “violence ii” builds to tweaked sing-along that sounds like a hyperreal children’s chorus. Electronic beats? Helium-laced keyboards? Fervently strummed guitars? All of this and more is woven into this album’s quirky, otherworldly sound. It’s a constantly shifting sonic terrain, one where every surface seems faintly aglow.

Stream the album in full below.

Lucky Styles is out now on Smoking Room.