The new Guided By Voices song is not called “Queen Of Spades.” That’s what you might see when you first look at the title. That’s what Google might tell you that you’re trying to find. But no. It’s “Queen Of Spaces.” As in: You know, spaces? Like, areas? Well, this person is the queen of them. That’s the new Guided By Voices song.

Guided By Voices, Robert Pollard’s eternally prolific Ohio indie rock institution, will release a new album called La La Land early next year. It’ll be, rough estimate, their umpteen millionth studio LP. They’ve already shared the early track “Instinct Dwelling,” and now they’ve also dropped “Queen Of Spaces,” a pretty ballad that’s dominated by strings. It’s not the power-pop jam that I was expecting, but GBV contain multitudes. Listen below.

La La Land is out 1/20 on GBV Inc Records.