Nobody in hardcore makes goon music more primal and insane than San Jose marauders Sunami. Sunami’s whole deal is that they push tough-guy beatdown music way past its logical extreme, taking it into the realm of joyous cartoon violence. With that style, Sunami have become full-on cult heroes over the past few years. The band shares members with heavy-hitting Bay bands like Gulch and Hands Of God, but as those bands have gone away, Sunami are still thriving. Today, they’ve got new music out.

Sunami still haven’t released an album, but they’re apparently working on one. Their new three-song release 2022 Promotional Tape follows the band’s self-titled debut EP and their 2021 split with Gulch, and it’s here to build up anticipation for a forthcoming LP. People were already ready for that album to arrive, but the monstrous new songs on this tape definitely won’t dampen that excitement.

All three songs on the new tape are all-out rippers, but the one that really demands your attention is “Fake Blood,” a guttural riff-stomp anthem with an absolutely bloodthirsty breakdown. When Sunami play that one live, nobody in the room is going to be safe. Stream the tape below.

2022 Promotional Tape is out now on Triple B Records/DAZE.