Lauren’s brand new project “Queen Bee” has an impressive opening sequence where she flexes her robust and unique vocals, hooking listeners from the very beginning. Following that, the song travels to great heights as she diligently shifts her tone from low to hitting high notes. Asides from that, “Queen Bee” has a catchy chorus that goes like this: 

“Queen bee

i think i’d like it if you sting me

and now we’re crawling to my backseat

you taste like honey when you kiss me

Queen bee.”

The LA-based singer and songwriter has also dropped a music video for “Queen Bee” where she, along with her partner, spend quality time at home. First, they wake up and have breakfast, then they chill in the backyard, play basketball, and finish the day by watching a movie together. 

“Queen Bee” premiered on May 14 on YouTube and is on the way to crossing half a million views on YouTube. 

Check out the visual production below: