These days, the hugely charismatic Oakland rapper Kamaiyah is moving in mysterious ways. Where Kamaiyah once seemed like a real threat to make a mainstream rap impact, she’s now in a zone where she’s cranking out smaller releases for a core fanbase, and where you might miss some of those records when they came out. Earlier this year, for instance, Kamaiyah released her Divine Timing EP, which had collaborations with people like Sada Baby and DaBoii. And today, out of nowhere, she’s got a new three-song EP.

Kamaiyah’s new three-song project Three Nights In Seattle showed up this morning with no warning, and I’m not even sure Kamaiyah knows it’s out. (She hasn’t promoted the release on any of her socials.) Those circumstances might not inspire the most confidence, but all three of these new songs are tough and confident. On all three, Kamaiyah is in her singsong zone, cranking out easy melodic hooks over minimal Bay-style beats. She sounds awesome on all of them. Opening track “Can’t Lose” features Jacksonville singer Seddy Hendrinx, but this is otherwise a solo show. Hear the new EP below.

3 Nights In Seattle is out now on Keep It Lit Records.