BTS will remain on hiatus until at least 2025 due to its seven members completing their mandatory Korean military service, which RM and V began last December, as reported by The Associated Press at the time.

Despite that, RM dropped Right Place, Wrong Person, his sophomore solo album, last Friday, May 24. On Monday, May 27, RM sweetened the pot with the official video for “Groin,” a biting track showcasing RM’s rap acumen.

The video was directed by Pennacky and creative directed by San Yawn. In it, RM seamlessly alternates between delivering English and Korean bars while confidently strolling the streets of an empty neighborhood. RM boasts, “I f*ck it u,p” and, at one point, insults someone because “You walk like a duck, b*tch,” but ultimately, the outro finds him softly singing, “I see what I see / I be what I be / I’ll set you free.”

“Groin” joins “Come Back To Me” and “Lost!” as Right Place, Wrong Person tracks to receive the video treatment. All three videos were creative directed by San Yawn, while “Come Back To Me” was directed by Beef creator Lee Sung Jin.

Watch RM’s “Groin” video above.

Right Place, Wrong Person is out now via BigHit. Find more information here.

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