Sway to the beautiful music and beats of “QUÉDATE”, a new find in the Latin Pop scene that we’ve been loving! Although not a newcomer, MAR just recently made her debut official with this release, and the world is thrilled to hear more. With a soft, charming voice that excels at transferring her deep emotions to the listener, MAR hits the sweet spot, singing about the irresistible pull a stranger you only just met can have.  

The music video for “QUÉDATE”, which has reached almost 2 million plays, is set at a white sandy beach, playing up the “boy meets girl” card in a cinematic representation. It’s no surprise that MAR exudes confidence and even playfulness in the music video, as she has for years been a performing artist with tours all across the Americas. Keeping her ever-growing army of fans in excitement, MAR spins a beautiful story in “QUÉDATE”, a story that provides an escape from reality, at the same time giving us a real-time musical treat!

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