James Corden’s stage was turned upside down to recreate Tom Odell’s “Numb” music video. The clumsy mattress on the floor, the wooden tables, the modern white bathtub, and the overall stage lighting has transformed the audience to his official video clip. 

Tom, the hitmaker of “Another Love,” threw an emotional performance at “The Late Late Show” with James Corden. He performed his latest piece, “Numb” while playing on the piano. He spiced up the 3:29 minutes performance by recreating the screams and the laughs featured in the original piece. 

A user commented under the performance saying: “OMG, what a performance!! Tom Odell is simply the most talented artist ever. “

Tom Odell and the accompanying instrument players with this performance have made the top-notch sentimental track a little bit better. 

Check out the performance below: