The Brooklyn-based experimental musician Rachika Nayar made something of a name for herself with last year’s full-length debut Our Hands Against The Dusk and its companion Fragments EP. Today, she’s announcing her sophomore album Heaven Come Crashing, out in August. “I both love and feel so wary of melodrama, because its entire premise is to be uncritical,” Nayar said in a statement. “Taking your most massive emotions at face-value feels so fraught when they partly originate with structures you can’t control, with structures you maybe even feel at war with.”

Perhaps appropriately, the album’s lead single and title track is both intimate and gigantic — it starts off with some wispy, yearning guitar tendrils that explode into a sweaty dance track halfway through. The song features vocals from Maria BC, whose own album Hyaline came out last month. Check it out below.

01 “Our Wretched Fantasy”
02 “Tetramorph”
03 “Death & Limerence”
04 “Nausea”
05 “Promises”
06 “Gayatri”
07 “Heaven Come Crashing” (Feat. Maria BC)
08 “Sleepless”
09 “The Price Of Serenity”
10 “Our Wretched Fate” (Feat. Maria BC)

Heaven Come Crashing is out 8/26 via NNA Tapes. Pre-order it here.