At the end of April, Gorillaz kicked off their world your in Uruguay. That night, they unveiled a new setlist, featuring tracks that hadn’t been played in years (or ever before), and debuting two new songs — one called “Silent Running” and one called “Cracker Island.” The latter was still in the mix when I saw them do a triumphant headlining set at Primavera earlier this month. Today, we finally get to hear the studio version.

“Cracker Island” finds Damon Albarn welcoming Thundercat into the vast network of Gorillaz collaborators. Musically, “Cracker Island” fits right into the Gorillaz wheelhouse, with Albarn doing that zonked-out distant vocal thing over squelching synths and bass, the track locking into a roiling funk as it goes on. Thundercat also provides a bunch of background vocals wrapping around Albarn’s.

Check it out below.