Scams really are out-scamming themselves these days, and no one is safe. That said, apparently someone(s) has been posing as a rep for Patti Smith and asking people for bits of their hair with which to make… a wig?? It’s, as Smith put it in a video, “the stupidest thing ever.”

Posting a video to Instagram, Smith warns: “If somebody calls you, emails you, or any of the other ways people communicate supposedly on my behalf asking for something, like perhaps your hair, so that they can make me, a, say, wig, it’s obviously — I would never have anybody petition anybody about anything. If I want something, I’ll ask for it myself. Anyway, I don’t wear wigs. I didn’t even wear a wig when I played Phaedra in college. I don’t have anything against [wigs], I just don’t wear them.”

Smith also posted a fraud warning in her caption:

This is
Warning against stupid fraud.
If someone contacts you for
things supposedly on my
behalf shut them down.
This video stopped
recording but I’m sure
you’ll get the drift.
Happy spring everyone,
take care of yourselves
and find ways to be happy
and productive. As for me,
my hair is ancient but fine.

Smith’s PSA is below: