In the last decade, a group of young musicians in Baltimore changed the face of hardcore. Bands like Trapped Under Ice, Angel Du$t, and Turnstile featured a ton of the same musicians, and they made music that was lively and exciting and full of personality. These days, TUI are dormant, but Turnstile and Angel Du$t are out there, changing the world. Praise, another band from that whole crew, played emotive, heart-on-sleeve hardcore that was fully locked-in with the history of DC hardcore. It’s been six years since they released the great Leave It All Behind EP, but now Praise are back with a new single.

The current lineup of Praise features Turnstile drummer Daniel Fang, as well as musicians who have played in bands like Have Heart, Mindset, Champion, Give, and Protester. Later this year, they’ll release a new album called All In A Dream. Today, they’ve dropped that LP’s title track, a surging and melodic rocker that hits some deep notes in my soul. Check out the song’s Robin Zeijlon-directed video below.

01 “All In A Dream”
02 “Return To Life”
03 “Hotline To Memory”
04 “Suddenly Human”
05 “Peace Of Mine”
06 “Limited Sense Of Possibility”
07 “Eyes In The Dark”
08 “Life Unknown”
09 “Keep Hanging On”

All In A Dream is out 5/6 on Revelation Records.