We called last year’s hey, ily EP Internet Breath “the Nintendocore x emo x powerpop x shoegaze hybrid you didn’t know you needed.” Today the Billings, Montana band — who describe their style as “genre dysphoric emo synth music from hell” — has returned with a similarly hyperactive genre meld called “Intrusive Thoughts Always.” It is an extremely wild, extremely online piece of music that fits a lot of melody, noise, and hard-rocking force into under four minutes. “Intrusive Thoughts Always” is the lead single from hey, ily’s full-length debut Psychokinetic Love Songs, dropping at the end of April.

The band tells Brooklyn Vegan:

We wanted this song, as the first full band song on the album, to perfectly encapsulate the personality of the rest of the album. Catchy choruses, pummeling drums, and bizarre left turns. We’ve always wanted to write a thrash metal song, so with this song we thought: why not just put a thrash metal song in the middle of this seemingly regular emo song? That thought perfectly wraps up our process when writing this album. What would it sound like if we took out the traditional emo songwriting rules?

Listen below.

01 “Rebooting”
02 “Intrusive Thoughts Always”
03 “Stress Headache”
04 “Glass House”
05 “Dreaming”
06 “Psychokinetic Love Song”
07 “Machine?”
08 “The Tempest”
09 “Human!”
10 “Shutting Down”

Psychokinetic Love Songs is out 4/29 via Lonely Ghost. Pre-order it here.