Two years ago, the Arizona heavy shoegaze band Holy Fawn released their EP The Black Moon, and it ruled extremely hard. Right now, Holy Fawn are on tour with Deafheaven and Midwife, and that sure looks like a sick triple bill. Today, in the middle of that tour, Holy Fawn have come out with a new single with the charming title “Death Is A Relief.” It’s a good one.

“Death Is A Relief” sprawls over six minutes, building from a quiet beginning to a swirling, howling metallic climax. In a press release, frontman Ryan Osterman says that “Death Is A Relief” is “a song of loss… feeling like everything around you is moving and feeling stuck in place no matter how hard you fight.” In the song’s PJ Koelbel-directed video, a woman drags a body across a sunny, ominous landscape. Check it out below.

“Death Is A Relief” is out now on Wax Bodega.