Mutoid Man, the trio comprising Cave In vocalist/guitarist Stephen Brodsky (no relation to this writer), Converge drummer Ben Koller, and new addition High On Fire bassist Jeff Matz, have announced their first new album in six years — since 2017’s War Moans. Mutants will be out July 28 and features the ripping lead single “Call Of The Void.” Listen below.

Churning out thundering percussion and shredding guitar licks, Mutoid Man also have a nightmarish and absurd video for “Call Of The Void.” They’re made to look like puppets playing live onstage — until things start to go off the rails.

01 “Call Of The Void”
02 “Frozen Hearts”
03 “Broken Glass Ceiling”
04 “Siren Song”
05 “Graveyard Love”
06 “Unborn”
07 “Siphon”
08 “Demons”
09 “Memory Hole”
10 “Setting Sun”

Mutants is out 7/28. Pre-order it here.