Peter Gabriel has kicked off his i/o tour with a show at Poland’s Tauron Arena in Krakow on Thursday night. It’s his first full show in nearly nine years, since he wrapped up his Back To Front tour in 2014.

Gabriel’s much-anticipated new album i/o is expected to come out this year, though it still doesn’t haven an official release date. He has, however, been sharing a lot of songs that will appear on it: “Panopticom,” “The Court,” “Playing For Time,” “Four Kinds Of Horses,” and the title track. Most of those and more had their live debuts at his Poland show, and Gabriel also played some still-unreleased songs that will presumably appear on i/o.

In a video shared before the concert, Gabriel introduced the band that will be accompanying him for the tour. “There’s always a mixture of dread and excitement when you decide to go on the road again. Actually, what I think has been making it pleasurable for me is the band,” he said. “We have an amazing band, it’s the biggest band I’ve been out with — except when we were joining forces with Sting.”

Watch some fan-shot videos below.

“Washing Of The Water”
“Growing Up”
“Panopticom” (live debut)
“Four Kinds Of Horses” (live debut)
“i/o” (live debut)
“Digging In The Dirt”
“Playing For Time”
“Olive Tree” (new song, live debut)
“Home” (new song, live debut)
“Love Can Heal”
“Road To Joy” (new song, live debut)
“Don’t Give Up”
“The Court” (live debut)
“Red Rain”
Unknown (live debut)
“What Lies Ahead”
“Big Time”
“Live And Let Live” (live debut)
“Solsbury Hill”
“In Your Eyes”