The talented singer-songwriter Lux Beauregard released her debut named “Fireworks.” Taking listeners on an emotional rollercoaster, the artist’s vocals perfectly harmonize with the musical backdrop.

The song presents an open space for the artist to freely express her emotional contradictions and everything she had suffered through 2020—a year heavy on the entire world. She truly speaks for the masses as she unleashes her inner thoughts and urges her listeners to face their own. The track is best described as an audible melodic experience packed with human suffering and the ability to touch their inner world. The lyrics are so craftily put together to resonate an unmatched feeling of confusion and worry. While many considered 2020 to be a year full of disappointments, Lux managed to bring forth a track that expresses the ability of good things still happening despite the chaos.

As many have called it “the perfect hymn for 2020,” the artist came out to reiterate the past year’s undeniable effect on her song. Lux Beauregard is avidly interested in the indie-pop songwriting and performing genres, which has best described her debut single.

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