This week it was reported that Ed Droste of the fine art-rock band Grizzly Bear is now working as a therapist. That this was news at all speaks to the weird navieté that we as indie-rock fans have about the financial realities of the musicians we love. Steven and Ian begin the episode by talking about the “Joe jobs” of indie-rock lifers, and the potential “indie star to therapist” pipe line.

From there, the guys talk about Steven’s recent column on the best soundtrack albums of all-time, and why the golden age for soundtracks is from the mid-’80s to the early ’00s. While it’s true that a big film like Barbie can still spin off a successful soundtrack, the golden age of B and C-tier soundtracks — when an otherwise forgotten film like 1993’s Judgment Night can be paired with a famous soundtrack — seems to be over.

After that, Steven and Ian review new albums by hardcore collective The Armed and the Chicago guitar-pop band Ratboys. In Recommendation Corner, Ian praises the bloghouse throwback DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ and Steven gives the nod to the new solo album from Big Thief guitarist Buck Meek.

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