Alice Cooper recently raised some eyebrows over some transgender comments he made, and now it’s Carlos Santana’s turn.

There’s been a concert clip (which Billboard notes comes from a July performance in Atlantic City, New Jersey) making the rounds recently, and in it, Santana says, “When God made you and me, before we came out of the womb, you know who you are and what you are. Later on, when you grow out of it, you see things, and you start believing that you could be something that sounds good, but you know it ain’t right. Because a woman is a woman and a man is a man, that’s it. Whatever you wanna do in the closet, that’s your business. I’m OK with that.”

He then expresses solidarity with “my brother Dave Chappelle.”

The clip made the rounds online and there’s been enough backlash for Santana to issue an apology. In a Facebook post shared yesterday (August 24), Santana wrote:

“I am sorry for my insensitive comments. They don’t reflect that I want to honor and respect all person’s ideals and beliefs. I realize that what I said hurt people and that was not my intent. I sincerely apologize to the transgender community and everyone I offended.

Here is my personal goal that I strive to achieve every day. I want to honor and respect all person’s ideals and beliefs whether they are LGBTQ or not. This is the planet of free will and we have all been given this gift. I will now pursue this goal to be happy and have fun, and for everyone to believe what they want and follow in your hearts without fear. It takes courage to grow and glow in the light that you are and to be true, genuine, and authentic. We grow and learn to shine our light with Love and compliments. Have a glorious existence. Peace.

Carlos Santana.”