StevenCharles’s talents are shining through the multifaceted tune “Stay.” Fusing hip-hop and jazz-like tones, StevenCharles has been on the scene with some impactful tracks.

We caught this rare opportunity to chat with StevenCharles.

Your new song “Stay” has been catching quite a bit of attention. Can you tell us what drove you to create it?

My brother had a rough draft of this song and we decided to fully develop it together. I wanted to express the excitement of new love and felt it would be a great topic to touch upon as I begin to build my relationship with my fans.

Is music your go-to for any situation?

Music is necessary in almost all aspects of my life. I even try reading and studying with music on sometimes but it can get a little distracting since it always takes me away to another dimension. One of my favorite things still to do is lay down in the dark and listen to an artist’s full album from start to finish. I love how music is an experience that reflects the many emotions we go through every day. There’s always a song that goes with how you’re feeling.

Have you always known you wanted to be a singer?

I’ve been singing since I could talk but I wasn’t necessarily a good singer! I always knew I wanted to perform and be in the business of entertaining people. The songwriting was a skill I honed in on and really loved and that’s when I started thinking how great it would be if I could make this my career and sing for a living.

What other styles of music would you like to venture into? 

I have a lot of genres in my wheelhouse because I’ve listened to so much growing up. It would be fun to do a Haitian Kompa album for my parents or a Christmas Album filled with Jazz Standards. 

What are some new projects that you are currently working on?

Besides filming the “Stay” music video, I have so much more music on the way that I can’t wait for everyone to hear. I have some pop/rock anthems, trap ballads and r&b vibes coming out in the near future that will appeal to a lot of people. Can’t wait!

If you weren’t to be a singer, what other career choice was next in line?

I’m also an actor. I’ve traveled the world doing shows and I can’t picture myself doing anything outside of the entertainment business. I was born to be an artist.

What were the challenges you faced with your debut release?

Wanting everything to sound perfect, and delaying the release just to get it mixed or re-mastered. At some point I had to settle and accept it as my debut release that I can only build on and get better from. I also wanted to make sure I promoted the song well enough so that I could get some new listeners beyond my closest friends listening to the song. The stress of wanting things to go right when there’s only a few things you can control can be quite challenging.

What was your typical day like as a musician during the pandemic?

I’m studying jazz music at Columbia University and my typical days lately have involved going over scales, keys and chord progressions. I love to get up in the morning and workout, sing in the shower, write a song every now and then. Watch a YouTube video about my future, and lots of eating all day. All fun things!

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