It’s finally happening: This Friday, April 19, Taylor Swift is set to release her latest album, The Tortured Poets Department. By now, most Swifties have surely decided which edition (or more likely, editions) of they album they’re going to get. For those who haven’t though, let’s take a look at the options.

How Many Editions Of Taylor Swift’s The Tortured Poets Department Are There?

Currently, purchasers have two options. Swift’s online shop is currently offering the standard digital edition of the album, the tracklist for which can be found below. The other option currently available in The Manuscript Edition, which includes “The Manuscript” as a bonus track.

Previously, three other editions were available for a limited time, for a total of five overall. In February, Swift put The Bolter Edition and The Albatross Edition for sale, followed by The Black Dog Edition in March. Naturally, those versions include their respective titular song as a bonus track.

Taylor Swift’s The Tortured Poets Department Tracklist (Standard Edition)

1. “Fortnight” Feat. Post Malone
2. “The Tortured Poets Department”
3. “My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys”
4. “Down Bad”
5. “So Long, London”
6. “But Daddy I Love Him”
7. “Fresh Out The Slammer”
8. “Florida!!!” Feat. Florence + The Machine
9. “Guilty as Sin?”
10. “Who’s Afraid Of Little Old Me?”
11. “I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can)”
12. “Loml”
13. “I Can Do It With A Broken Heart”
14. “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived”
15. “The Alchemy”
16. “Clara Bow”

The Tortured Poets Department is out 4/19 via Republic Records. Find more information here.

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