Kid Rock teased a couple of fans with a crude joke at the Kentucky Derby this past weekend, and one of them responded that it was the highlight of their life.

Someone posted a TikTok of the musician, donning a pink suit and a cowboy hat, leaving the Kentucky Derby this past Saturday. As he walked past a group of fans who were calling his name, the musician asked, “Did you guys see those?”

When no one responded, Rock added, “They were both supposed to be here.”

“Who?” someone asked in return.

“Deez nuts, motherfucker!” Rock replied, which created a roar of laughter and cheering from the small group.

As the rocker got inside an SUV, the individual recording the TikTok turned to a couple of men and said, “You guys got roasted by Kid Rock. How’d it feel?”

“It was fucking awesome. Honestly, it’s probably the highlight of my life,” one responded.

See the clip below.

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Prior to the Derby, Rock appeared onstage at the Barnstable Brown Gala on May 3 with Travis Tritt and Doug E. Fresh for a unique performance of Rock’s 2007 hit “All Summer Long.”

“My derby bet is, you’ve never seen anything like this before!” an Instagram user wrote with a video of the performance.

The gala, which is held every year at the home of Patricia Barnstable Brown, is a black-tie affair that raises money for the University of Kentucky’s Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center. Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan, NFL star Aaron Rodgers and Wynonna Judd were among the attendees at this year’s gala, according to People.

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