Camila Cabello has announced details of her fourth solo studio album ‘C, XOXO’ and shared its artwork.

The ‘Havana’ singer took to her social media accounts today (May 6) to share the album title along with its release date. “The new album ‘C,XOXO’ is out June 28,” read the caption of the post.

She also shared the album artwork which features a close-up of her face and blonde locks while eating a blue lollipop. ‘C,XOXO’ will feature her recently released track ‘I Luv It’ featuring Playboi Carti.


Cabello previously teased the album title on Sunday (May 5) while attending the F1 Grand Prix in Miami, captioning a carousel of photos on Instagram with: “fast cars are so c,xoxo.”

Speaking about her approach for creating the album while appearing as a guest on the Call Her Daddy podcast, the singer shared: “It’s really sitting in the discomfort of things and realizing there’s not gonna be a neat, in-a-box answer. I feel strong in these ways, weak in these ways, and there’s no real clear answer here.”


She continued: “But the album process has been such a journey. It started out with me having that intention of going back to how it started for me, which was just sitting with myself and really getting back to that first passion of songwriting. Nerding out over references and artists and poetry — whatever — and really tapping into that.”

Cabello’s last album, ‘Familia‘, came out in 2022, and she has said in the past that the record “saved my life”.

In a four-star review of ‘Familia’, NME described the album as “pin-sharp satire and ’emo’ anguish galore”, adding: “The Havana-born, Miami-raised singer wows with songs that explore anxiety, seething sexual jealousy and the loneliness of a long-distance relationship.”


In other news, Lana Del Rey recently spoke out about her friendship with Cabello, and quashed rumours about why she brought her out during her Coachella set.

The moment saw them come together to perform a rendition of the latter’s recent single ‘I LUV IT’, and caught some fans off guard as it was widely thought that it would be Taylor Swift who would be joining Del Rey as a guest on the night.

Some viewers also questioned why the headliner chose to bring out Cabello, particularly because the track they duetted is unlike anything in Lana Del Rey’s discography and not the obvious choice when it comes to a collaboration.