Yesterday, Glastonbury Festival revealed this year’s slate of headliners, plus a chunk of its lineup: Elton John — playing what’s supposed to be his last UK show ever — plus Arctic Monkeys, Guns N’ Roses, and Lizzo. As The Guardian notes, 52% of the 54 names on this week’s partial lineup announcement are male. The lack of female headliners is a “pipeline” problem, according to Glastonbury co-organizer Emily Eavis, who spoke to The Guardian, while adding that Guns N’ Roses had been booked when a previously confirmed female headliner pulled out because she “changed her touring plans.” (Eavis didn’t specify who that was, though fans speculate that it’s Taylor Swift.)

Eavis also said she remains “entirely focused on balancing our bill. It’s not just about gender, it’s about every aspect of diversity.” (46% of the 54 names are non-white, or feature non-white members,” the Guardian also points out.) “We’re probably one of the only big shows that’s really focused on this.” Eavis adds: “We’re trying our best so the pipeline needs to be developed. This starts way back with the record companies, radio. I can shout as loud as I like but we need to get everyone on board.”

Meanwhile, Lana Del Rey, who is confirmed to play Glastonbury 2023 (going down June 21-25) but not listed as a headliner (though she is technically headlining the fest’s second stage), commented on Glastonbury’s Instagram: “Thanks for announcing that I was headlining the other stage. Thumbs up.” On her personal Instagram, she added: “Well I’m actually headlining the 2nd stage. But since there was no consideration for announcing that. We’ll see.”

It sounds like Eavis and Glastonbury are already attempting to rectify the “pipeline” issue, with Eavis saying that next year will likely feature two female headliners, and both of them would be first-time performers. Read the full interview here.