Last month, the Chicago musician Maria Jacobson released “So Long,” her first new single as Fran since their debut album A Private Picture came out in 2019. Today, Fran is announcing their follow-up, Leaving, which will be out in January with the simmering “Limousine,” the album’s opening track that unfurls into a swirling conclusion.

“‘Limousine’ is a call to be together in the face of collective anxiety and doom,” Jacobson said. “We try to tap history, religion, or mythology for some intel into how we should live, but we find ourselves in the same place over and over. I find that comforting! It allows us to acknowledge that we are not alone in these difficult feelings, that we’ve never been alone.”

Watch a video for it below.

01 “Limousine”
02 “Palm Trees”
03 “How Did I”
04 “How Did We”
05 “Leaving”
06 “Everbody”
07 “Winter”
08 “So Long”
09 “God”
10 “The Label”
11 “I Know You”

Leaving is out 1/20 via Fire Talk Records.