Last year, the Louisville rapper EST Gee had a career year, showing up on singles from stars like Jack Harlow and Lil Baby and then releasing his cold, hard full-length breakout Bigger Than Life Or Death, one of the year’s best rap albums. Last month, Gee released a Bigger Than Life Or Death deluxe edition. This past weekend, he followed it with the release of “Who Hotter Than Gee,” a one-off single that may or may not mark the start of another album cycle.

“Who Hotter Than Gee” makes a strong showcase for EST Gee’s grizzled, muttering style. Over a hectic track from producer DJ Swift, Gee growls out threats and mythologizes himself with style: “I tell the shooters, now they blessed, ‘member murder was cheap/ Even as a chef, you get respect after burning your beef/ Then after that, you grab a pack, and you turn it to three/ Then after that, if you can rap, you might turn into me.” In the Diesel Filmz-directed video, Gee raps amidst CGI flames. Check it out below.