Ecstatic International is a new project based out of Washington, DC. It started when Priests guitarist G.L. Jaguar and Ex Hex’s Laura Harris found themselves in between bands; the project eventually grew to include Nikhil Rao (Bottled Up), Anno Nasty (Olivia Neutron-John), and Jacky Cougar Abok (Des Demonas). Next month, Ecstatic International will release their self-titled debut EP, and today they’re sharing its lead single, “High Violence,” a grooving and textured dance track with the infectious hook: “Got that cold sweat/ Got them sweaty palms/ Couldn’t tell you what’s going on/ High violence.” Check it out below.

01 “High Violence”
02 “Disruptor”
03 “Corridor”
04 “Monsters”
05 “Premium Vision”

The Ecstatic International EP is out 10/14 via Sister Polygon.