The producer Andrew Broder is best known as the mastermind behind the long-running and cult-beloved ambient project Fog. But Broder has also made music in a lot of other genres, including avant-garde rap. Two years ago, for instance, Broder did the soundtrack for comic-book wizard Alan Moore’s movie The Show, and his work on that film included “Bloodrush,” a song that Broder recorded with Denzel Curry, Haleek Maul, and Dua Saleh. Now, Broder is getting ready to release The Show Original Soundtrack, a new solo album inspired by his work with Alan Moore.

The Show Original Soundtrack has collaborations with people like serpentwithfeet and Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano. On the new single “Sleeping Car Porters,” Broder teams up with billy woods and Moor Mother, two artists he’s worked with before. billy woods is one half of the great New York avant-rap duo Armand Hammer, and Broder has produced a few tracks for them. One of the tracks that Broder co-produced was the 2020 Shrines highlight “Ramses II,” which featured Earl Sweatshirt, Fielded, and Moor Mother. Later in 2020, billy woods and Moor Mother released the collaborative album Brass, so they already have a serious rapport.

On “Sleeping Car Porters,” Broder puts together a dank, dread-soaked track, and billy woods and Moor Mother lock into the mood. In a press release, Broder says:

Moor Mother and Billy Woods are two of my favorite writers, rappers and vocalists. I wanted to make a noir, Lynch-style banger. Something like Gravediggaz hanging with Burial. I knew their styles would fit well with the song and album’s themes of waking dreams and predetermined reality. I think Alan Moore would vibe with this.

Below, listen to “Sleeping Car Porters” and check out the tracklist for The Show Original Soundtrack.

01 “Metterton”
02 “These Seas”
03 “Flash Avenger”
04 “Personal Effects”
05 “Sleeping Car Porters”
06 “Courtroom”
07 “Herbert”
08 “Walk To Detective”
09 “Bloodrush”
10 “Walk To Library”

The Show Original Soundtrack is out 10/7 on Lex Records. Just yesterday, billy woods teamed up with Algiers and Backxwash on the single “Bite Back.”