At the end of the week, Portland-based Kyle Bates will release his latest Drowse album, Wane Into It. He’s thus far shared the Midwife collab “Untrue In Headphones” and “Mystery Pt. 2.” Today he returns with one more single, the album’s spooky, meditative penultimate track “Three Faces (Cyanoacrylate).” It finds Bates singing in a low, breathy whisper over a humming churn that seems to emanate warmth. About two-thirds of the way through the nearly eight-minute runtime, the song’s low rumble builds to something alternately ominous and beautiful. Bates cites Pac-NW predecessors Grouper, the Microphones, and Unwound (specifically Leaves Turn Inside You) as influences on Drowse, and you can hear them all quite clearly on this one. Listen below.

Wane Into It is out 11/11 on The Flenser.