Maria BC and Rachika Nayar both released albums this year, Hyaline and Heaven Come Crashing (both Albums Of The Week), and they collaborated on a pair of tracks that appeared Nayar’s full-length. Both also were included on our Best New Bands Of 2022 list. Today, they’re in each other’s orbit yet again for a new Rachika Nayar remix of Hyaline track “ROF,” which is on a remix EP that’s due out in a couple weeks.

“Every time I hear the final lines of ROF, they transport me to two parts of my life: one deals with childhood and shame; the other is a memory of driving up the California coast, mountains on the horizon, when I felt a golden sense of future opening in my life,” Nayar shared in a statement. “It feels as if the song, in invoking both, metabolizes the past into possibility, and it’s that metabolism that I hoped to delve into with this remix—a metabolism that I think this record opens up for all of us.”

Check it out below.

01 “No Reason (Ragana Remix)”
02 “Betelgeuse (No Home Remix)”
03 “ROF (Rachika Nayar Remix)”
04 “Good Before (Nina Keith Remix)”
05 “The Only Thing (Lucy Liyou Remix)”

The Hyaline Remixes EP is out 11/18 via Father/Daughter Records (US) / Fear Of Missing Out Records (UK).