Excellent rapper and hip-hop artist Ky Richy drops his new album No Sad Faces, a ten-tracker that demonstrates the artist’s prowess and masterful skill. With multiple singles and three full albums under his belt, Ky Richy is once again on top of his game, and we couldn’t be more excited!

No Sad Faces opens to the powerful beat of “Slumped” as the rapper fuses witty lyrics and diverse genre elements. The solo piece is followed by several collabs that we’ve been loving, including YungXO, Dee Dot Jones, Naj Ahngeaux, Jay Delaine, and James Duer. With much to share in each piece, Ky Richy shows sincerity and authenticity through and through.

“No Sad Faces is important to me because it is dedicated to my cousin Nicholas who sadly passed away,” the artist said in an interview. “And this was a term he used frequently while fighting his battle…I think that can reflect on the type of person he was and everyone going through tough times can relate, that no matter how bad things can get, let’s keep a smile on our faces and cherish the time we do have. It felt fitting for my album, because I had been struggling with addictions and low points in my life. Although I don’t touch on the topic much in the album, I do talk about overcoming my addictions, becoming a father, and growing into the man I am today.”

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