The Albuquerque-based one-person screamo band My Hair Is A Rat’s Nest has a new 23-minute song out today, and it rules. With an assist from bassist Sammy Gurule, project mastermind Jake Campbell elevates his sound into the highest fidelity yet on “The Longing Machine,” which works in all kinds of sounds, from the symphonic to the electronic, from the fearlessly abrasive to the graceful and melancholic. It’s a hell of a ride, containing more inspired music in one track than most full-length albums can muster. Listen below.

“The Longing Machine” is out now via an extremely limited run of cassettes through Tomb Tree Tapes — 34 copies total: “15 on clear box swirl, 15 on mystery box swirl, and four test dips, all with numbered insert.” Snag it here.