Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Ellsworth stays busy, moving between projects with Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes, DARKMINDS, and Chaos Emeralds. Most recently, he’s taken to recording under his own name as well, releasing his solo debut EP, I Have, in April, with another EP, No Clue, due out this summer. His latest single, “Panic Button (Calm Down),” is making all the ruckus in the scene. Though his solo work represents a shift from the indie rock of Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes or the electro-pop of Chaos Emeralds, one thing that remains constant is Ellsworth’s ear for an irresistible pop hook.

The lyrics reflect on mounting anxiety and existential dread; the core of the track lies in its earworm hook. Ellsworth packs all of last year’s isolation and confusion into a nervous, driving burst of melody and cathartic release.

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