You could think of Oklahoma City’s Chat Pile as a grunge band who understands that the original meaning of the word “grunge” pretty much meant “filth.” Chat Pile makes a grimy, feverish form of noise-rock that calls back to the more transgressive ends of the ’90s underground. If you’ve ever enjoyed the work of Unsane or Cows or early Helmet, then these guys might be your jam.

In the past few years, Chat Pile have released a couple of EPs and made a name for themselves. Last year, they dropped a split with fellow misanthropes Portrayal Of Guilt and covered Sepultura’s “Roots Bloody Roots.” Today, they’ve announced that their full-length debut God’s Country is coming out this summer, and they’ve shared the unhinged, scuzzed-out opening track “Slaughterhouse.”

“Slaughterhouse” is a feverish riff-rocker with scream-howled lyrics about what it must be like to work in an industrialized death facility: “And all the blood! All the blood! And the fuckin’ sound, man! You never forget their eyes!” Director Laine B’s video follows a woman who’s covered in blood and building crosses. Check it out below.

01 “Slaughterhouse”
02 “Why”
03 “Pamela”
04 “Wicked Puppet Dance”
05 “Anywhere”
06 “Tropical Beaches, Inc.”
07 “The Mask”
08 “I Don’t Care If I Burn”
09 “grimace_smoking_weed.jpeg”

God’s Country is out 7/29 on the Flenser.