Brent Faiyaz is back and he is not playing games with us.

His new song, released on Youtube today, is produced by DJ Dahi, who is known for producing songs like “Worst Behavior” by Drake, “Money Trees,” by Kendrick Lamar, as well as music by Dr. Dre, Mac Miller, and Childish Gambino, amongst others.

Titled “Gravity” (feat. Tyler, The Creator), the track came with the pre-title “Songs from Scratch” or “SFS,” leading fans to whisper about the possibility of an upcoming project.

After the success of his highly curated, conceptual debut, Sonder Son in 2017, and the more commercial but still consistent F**k the World in early 2020, Faiyaz has been quiet.

He canceled his tour due to COVID and released one single, “Dead Man Walking,” but fans have been patiently waiting for his next single ever since.

Faiyaz did not disappoint.

He comes in hot, declaring: “I’m on,” which he picks up again in the hook, saying: “Don’t act like I’m average … I’d get you what you want / Superstar status” – and he is.

Brent Faiyaz has been operating on a slow burn, deprived of the summer tour his second album deserved. His music is the type you think you’re the only one listening to, but everyone is listening now. If not, they should be.

“Gravity” is Brent at his best: braggadocios but intimate, expansive and ambitious, but personal. He’s like if The Weeknd weren’t as toxic, or if Drake was less gaslight-y.

The bold DJ Dahi beat grounds Faiyaz’s melodies and ushers in Tyler, the Creator’s verse, which complements the vibe of the song with rigid rhythms and Tyler’s signature deep drawl. The two play off each other like Odd Future era Frank and Tyler did, making the most of the admittedly simple backing track and making something that you immediately want to hear on replay.

The song also premiered on the Adidas CONFIRMED app, alongside a feature video detailing the process of making the song — which apparently almost didn’t happen.

For all our sakes, we’re glad it did.

Listen to “Gravity” here:

Songs From Scratch | Brent Faiyz, DJ Dahi “Gravity” (feat. Tyler, The Creator) (Audio)

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