The sophomore full-length record from indie rock act Acid Tongue arrived near-simultaneously with the COVID-19 shutdowns last year. Even though the band, led by singer/songwriter Guy Keltner, and drummer Ian Cunningham, had just put out a full-length album, they quickly returned to writing, self-producing two EPs.

Now the band are back, sharing their most recent collaboration with labelmates Smokey Brights, “Rock ‘N’ Roll Revelations. The track is a potent dose of classic rock and roll soul, packaging the duo’s apocalyptic anxieties in a joyous ‘70s rock pastiche. Keltner’s strutting delivery is pure Mick Jagger-esque attitude, matched with fiery piano and guitar licks. Reflecting on the world’s coming ruins, with “Rock ‘N’ Roll Revelations” the band decides to have a little fun as it all burns down, dancing through the apocalypse with an indelible rock and roll style.

Check out the song below.

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