While Taylor Swift is currently on a break between legs of her massive Eras Tour, that isn’t stopping Swifties from reminiscing about everything that went down during the North American shows. One fan in particular created a Twitter thread titled “The Eras (Errors) Tour” with all of the chaotic mishaps.

The thread starts off with a TikTok video of Swift attempting to recognize the cue that she needed to dive under the stage — which became a popular bit of the three-hour concert. The trap door apparently didn’t open, so she stands around and appeared to say “What the f*ck?”

Some other clips had moments of microphone malfunctions during songs like “Lover” and “The Man.”

One of the other wild memories was Swift continuing the concerts through a rainstorm. However, this affected her on-stage equipment in a chaotic way. When she sat down at the piano, it apparently started playing by itself from the water damage. She then stares and gasps in the video.

Swift swallowed a bug. She had some wardrobe malfunctions. She had some lyrical slip-ups. And at one point her earpiece stopped working, so she had to get help from her band member Amos.

Check out some more of the errors on the Eras Tour thread below.

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